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Cook eat!
About the event

Working together to prepare your lunch or dinner is probably the essence of team working: the right ingredients, the right way @ the right time, by the right people. Rings any business bells?

No need for expensive kitchens, no chef is really needed. Count on your team talents, coordinate the whole process and make sure the rest of the teams are on time too, if you want to have starters, salads & main dishes on time.

Let's toast to our successful cooking!

Event details

Before entering the "kitchen", you might as well tone up your team dynamics, oil(!) coordination & effectiveness, through our Chefs Bootcamp (optional), a series of team dynamic activities, in groups of 8-12 persons, specially designed to squeeze the fun out of you! During the bootcamp activities, teams earn the pieces of the recipe booklet, which describes what's there to cook.

What's next? In smaller teams of 5-8 persons, use the raw materials & kitchen utensils provided and set the menu up, for your lunch. Just to give you an example of the menu:

  • Mesklan salad with beetroot ravioli, grained with goat cheese mousse and balsamic cream
  • Mixed salad with cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, mozzarella and herbs
  • Shrimp and scallops risotto
  • Mushroom variety soup, flavored with truffle oil
  • Chicken bourguignon (classic French recipe)
  • Pork tenderloin sauteed with caramelized walnuts, cedar and dried fruit sauce

Though the prep time is short and the timing of all teams is a gamble on it's own, the outcome is always impressive, serving and dining on the plates you prepared, without any additions from the venue's kitchen apart from cutlery, bread and desserts/ fruits.

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Key benefits
creative thinking
managing resources
rewarding a team
tasting experience
team bonding
time management
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