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Home challenge
20-1000 participants
1 day +
About the event

A new and intriguing online game especially made for employees, their companions or families who now, more than ever, need some fun and creative activities together at home.

“Home Challenge” is an experience that connects the employees of a company, keeping the bigger corporate family united, and at the same time creates windows of opportunities for fun + quality time with companions or family.

Company’s branding and embedded content are optional, but always recommended to enhance the corporate identity.

Event details

All employees receive a teaser that contains an explanation along a link to download the app.

In the beginning, a DEMO game will appear to get everyone involved in the game. As the main game begins, tasks and riddles are received by push notifications on all devices connected to the game every few hours. Participants respond to these notifications by completing the tasks and riddles or missions and challenges of their choice. They can try everything or skip those missions they don’t like. At the end of the game, participants that completed more creatively the challenges, will win the big prizes!

The best part of this game is the live activity a feed in which participants can watch each other, get inspired, and compare performances. The feed works similar to Facebook, with the news of the players and their activity in the game appearing on the wall. Players can see videos and photos of other players and stay connected with the their co-workers.

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
decision making
problem solving
team dynamics
well being
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