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Meet the Team on Screen
5-20 participants
up to 30 minutes
About the event

Bored with daily tedious team meetings, where business issues take up your whole energy & focus? Need some creative, happy, insightful digital ice breakers with your team mates?

Then “Meet the Team on Screen” is exactly what you need! It is a game-pack especially designed to help the hosts of the meeting to break the ice between the virtual participants and ease them into getting to know each other better. With these ice-breakers you can really liven up any meeting or training session!

Event details

How does Meet The Team On Screen work?

A Summit Game master joins your team meeting for as long needed (5-20 min avg) and uses one or more games (max 2-3 games) per meeting, to liven up things, to help participants share their thoughts or simply express their feelings.

A communication platform (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, Skype) is the basis of it all, while the use of the Annotate tool is mandatory. Third party provider apps or websites are also part of the specs you need to know, before we play some of these exciting games: “All about me”, “A penny for your thought”, “Your comfort zone”, “Feelings images” and many more!

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Key benefits
energy & focus
team bonding
team dynamics
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