Our company
Summit specializes in implementing dynamic programs that generate positive change and growth through play.
Who we are

We are a Greek company working with Greek and multinational corporations in Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea, focusing in the innovative field of game-based training workshops & team building events. Shaping up in today's business model, since 2013, we have created & implemented hundreds of workshops & events for people in the world of business and education.

We specialize in implementing dynamic programs that generate positive growth and change. All our programs reflect the philosophy that learning & meaningful recreation happens most effectively through PLAY.

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What we do

We bring people together, that's what we do! Sharing feelings, energy and unique moments with people around you, is what we call a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!

Our job is challenging each one of you to go beyond perceived boundaries, to think in new ways and to work with others to solve problems creatively! Or simply have a hell of a fun, doing things with others. PLAY is the key word here & GAMES is what we are specialists at.

We pioneer "fresh" gaming AND game based training ideas and our methodology focuses entirely in group activities, participation and interaction.

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Our methodology

We combine both theory and action to help you understand and analyze your team performance. We approach behavioral change using a variety of tools and models. Each one is designed to bring its content to life and profoundly accelerate learning. The lending of theory and activity as combined with use of theories and models provides SUMMIT with a unique comparative advantage and keen competitive edge:

In-depth experience integrating GrowPlay®learning into business settings.

Working with skilled consultants who develop training programs consistent with your organizational goals.

Unparallel achievements in enhancing team performance

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