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Arachova | The highlands quest
10-120 participants
specific destination
2 - 3 hours
About the event

Nestled in the heart of nature at an altitude of 950 meters, Arachova is an unusual blend of tradition and cosmopolitan charm. Besides being a famous ski destination, Arachova's picturesque landscape, the mountainous traditional architecture and the folk art are really worth to be discovered. Add Arachova’s close distance to Athens to the mix, as well as the the proximity of Delphi historical site and it becomes obvious that this should be your next destination.

Once decided, we will make sure that you experience the beauty of this village the way it should be!

Event details

Arachova quest is a walking discovery game for teams of 6-8 players. Your tools for discovery come in two options: the riddles/ clues paper or the digital map on our tablets or your own smartphones. All you have to do is to understand where the riddles point at or pins on the map guide you, visit these places of cultural and historical importance, ask the locals, pay attention to details, solve puzzles, think & work with your team and above all have fun while learning. Some team activities-challenges are incorporated, to enhance team dynamics & physical exertion!

Each location you discover, reveals bits & parts of a coded text of the famous 1821 Greece's Independence War chieftain George Karaiskakis, you need to translate, along with bonus points. Your goal is to manage to visit all the areas indicated by the riddles or map pins and get to the finish point on time.

Just to say, all or most points of interest of the place you visit, are integrated in the game, offering you a fun way to discover the culture and history of the place.

You are entitled to the grand prize, only if you get the coded text right & as many points as possible. As for the prize? A piece of local cheese to share!

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Key benefits
cultural immersion
learning history
playful exploration
team bonding
team dynamics
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