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Athens | Philosopher paths
10-300 participants
2 - 3 hours
About the event

This is Athens. The birthplace of Democracy and Philosophy. A child of Zeus and the 12 Gods and one of the oldest cities in the world, counting more than 5.000 years of human presence, hidden well beneath the modern day metropolis.

Philosopher Paths is a walking discovery game along the town’s ancient landmarks, offering great challenges for teams to visit & learn in a playful way Athens's most significant historical places and stories.

Event details

The route takes you around the rock of Acropolis offering a splendid view of the historical landmarks beneath. Groups do not enter archaeological sites, unless you want it:

  • Discover Ancient Agora of Athens, a famous landmark where ancient Greek philosophers gathered and discussed their ideas
  • Recapture the refreshing serenity the philosophers experienced 2,400 years ago by ambling along the rhythmical columns of the Stoa of Attalos
  • Enrich your insight into the ancient democratic values by visiting the Arios Pagos outcrop with stanning view on the Acropolis
  • Get a glimpse of the theatres of Herodus Atticus & Dionysos
  • Walk by the perfectly preserved Roman agora
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Key benefits
cultural immersion
learning history
playful exploration
team bonding
team dynamics
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Event testimonials
Juliana Roschel
Regional Client Leader @ Google Brazil, Google
Thanks so much for everything! For the great team building activity, the amazing energy and positivity and, of course, for taking such good care of us so we didn't get lost around the wonderful Acropolis!
Kleopatra Bouchti
Business Support, Draeger Hellas
We would like to thank you and congratulate you for the excellent support provided by you and your team in organizing our recent teambuilding workshop. The feedback has been amazing!! Looking forward to working with you and your team again in the future.
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