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Drawn together - Xmas edition
10-100 participants
30 minutes - 1 hour
About the event

This virtual teambuilding activity is all about spreading some Christmas spirit across your team! For that purpose you and your team are drawn together online to draw and connect the different pieces of a Christmas card to welcome the New Year!

Event details
  • This game can be played remotely through a communication platform (zoom, webex, etc.).
  • We get everyone on board in a matter of seconds, by sharing a link to the whiteboard where all teams have to paint their share of the Christmas card.
  • Then players in smaller break out room teams, challenge themselves in drawing their part, while at the same time other teams are drawing theirs.
  • By drawing in the same canvas, everybody can view the progress of other teams and adjust their part of the drawing so it fits with the others!
  • This game is participatory, engaging and it is as easy to use as picking up a traditional marker and starting to draw.
  • Drawing from a PC with mouse is highly recommended in order to have more drawing options, but tablets can work as well!
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Key benefits
cross functional cooperation
decision making
interactive action
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