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One picture
20-250 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

Entering the meeting or conference room, you find yourselves among all sorts of paints, brushes, pencils & papers. The place is transformed into a painting atelier, too artistic a place for some might say. Still, One Picture is the best teambuilding activity when it comes to putting together all different pieces of this big picture of your team, your company, your values, your vision, your future aspirations...

Can you really see the whole picture of your company? Give this awesome event a try!

Event details

Painter teams of 4-6 persons each, put on their aprons & latex gloves- no need to spoil this expensive suit or dress- and start devising the way to paint their canvas, so that when combined with the rest of the canvases in the room, one picture will be revealed.

No team knows what the final outcome will look like, so it's really important right from the beginning to agree on how they need to draw the lines & colors, so that the final painting will be exactly as it should be. Big fuss & comotion, is the trademark of this activity, whereas creative spirit is abundant. You might notice as well that some of your colleagues, have an artist's talent hidden down somewhere, you could not ever imagine.

As time goes by, teams complete their canvases, to the point where we ask everyone to bring their creations up front in the room and arrange them up the huge cavallet there.

Piece by piece, your work of art comes to life, a full revelation of your efforts, among cheering, clapping & euphoria. A most motivating time, the moment when the One Picture is there for everyone to see!

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Key benefits
brand awareness
creative thinking
cross functional cooperation
decision making
managing teams
mission vision values
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