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XMAS Battle of Wits - Online
20-1000 participants
30 minutes - 1 hour
Avoid the post vacation nostalgic mood with some fun virtual activities! Integrate them in your traditional company pitta cutting event and share the presents to the lucky employees!
About the event

The closest thing to a Xmas TV quiz show and an excellent way to bring some of the Christmas spirit in your remote team.

This fully customizable trivia quiz game combines high-end technology with the simplicity of pressing a button on the screen of your smartphone. Easy to use interface with less than 1 minute login process, eye candy graphics and a presenter to razzle-dazzle you, are the main features!

Now let's see if these quizzes will jingle any bells. And don't forget this is the ultimate battle of brains! The quickest and the wittiest wins!

Event details

The Xmas Battle of Wits is exactly what the name declares! A battle between players (either solo or in teams) of who’s the most knowledgeable in Xmas facts, but also faster in responding the challenging questions.

Participants follow a very simple login process:

  • The main screen of the game is shared through the teleconference platform.
  • Participants scan a QR code or type in a web page on their phone’s browser in order to login to the game.

That’s it! Once everyone’s in, the game is ready to start.

Our presenter is there to present (duh!) every question, give insights and statistics and comment on performances and unexpected answers! At the end of the game time, the player, or team, (or both if you fill like it) with the most points won will be the winner(s).

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
decision making
problem solving
team dynamics
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