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Empower your women
20-120 participants
indoor and/or outdoor
30 minutes - 1 hour
About the event

During the last few years many companies tend to invest in their female workers, recognizing the role and real benefits of gender diversity in their ecosystems.

In order to reinforce this effort and to support the balance of personal and professional life, we designed five different empowering workshops for women (and not only) of your company that will create conditions for their support, development and recognition.

Event details

The 5 workshops are developed around the idea of well-being.

  • "Tame the Dragon": Storytelling & creative thinking workshop on women empowerment
  • "When the Body Talks": A body movement workshop to connect us the deepest parts of our soul
  • "Be Positive - Be You": A stress relief workshop with special focus on self-awareness and empowerment of our inner energy
  • "Dare to Dream Big": Inspirational workshop based on stories of successful women in the international music industry
  • "Empowered Parents": A different approach to parenting with children through the perspective of positivity.

Each workshop lasts around 30-45min and can be arranged at the start of the office day, empowering the whole week, bringing positivity, acknowledgement and the feeling of support!

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Key benefits
well being
creative thinking
self confidence
rewarding a team
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