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Piece of cake
10-300 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

What is the greatest temptation on earth?

Most would opt for money, some for fame, but everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, would vote for sweets! Crunchy, smooth, creamy, chocolate covered or glazed, hot or cold, sweets are the turning point of human civilization: when happy or sad or just in the mood, sweets are a real treat!

Still, working as a team to prepare some of the gorgeous pastry you are about to taste is perhaps the essence of sweet team spirit. Isn't that what business life should taste like? It's up to you to make it true!

Event details

Before setting down to create miracles (!) we invite you through our Pastry Chefs Bootcamp (optional), a series of team activities in groups of 8-12 persons (outdoors or indoors), where by communicating, collaborating, and finding solutions to problems, you build the foundations and mental drive to prepare simple yet challenging pastry recipes.

The ingredients to use are simple but the preparation time is pressing, as every aspiring chef knows! Each team of 4-6 persons around a rotunda or banquet table, with all necessary raw materials & pastry utensils, need at some point to transform the raw materials into three or four different dessert suggestions based on the recipes available and guidance from our pastry chef.

The process will be solemnly closed with a judging committee deliberating on your creations and announcing the winners! In this competition, no tears are to be shed: winners & losers altogether will celebrate or cry over huge amounts of sugary miracles!

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Key benefits
creative thinking
managing resources
rewarding a team
tasting experience
team bonding
time management
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