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Teamwork Survival
8-100 participants
3 - 4 hours
About the event

Survival may conjure visions of extreme, even frightening circumstances for many! The stakes rise when the team's survival hinges on each individual member's efforts.

In order to survive, teams must navigate through three Quests to gather crucial instructions and materials.

Their ultimate Grand Challenge? To ingeniously filter WATER and ignite a FIRE without the aid of matches or lighters!

Event details

Starting the game, no one knows what the final challenge will be, only that they need to successfully complete 3 tests, such as the Sea quest, the Land quest & a Team quest! Each team is made up of 8-12 people and after setting the goal & rules of the game, all are ready to start:

  • Land quest: use your digital map, to find and visit the locations marked on it. A question or task to tackle pops up each time, earning you more valuable points and another piece of equipment. More tasks appear as you move on so team strategy is essential here!
  • Water Quest: use you boat (inflatable, sailing boat, kayak or just your handmade raft) to discover 2-3 QR codes and earn points & part of the equipment needed to successfully complete the Grand Challenge!
  • Team Quest: build a wooden bridge without any ropes and help one of your teammates to walk it over in 30 sec! You are allowed 30 minutes to find the way to bring construction time down to seconds. If you manage to do it, you earn the instructions to use the equipment earned for the Grand Challenge.

The Grand Challenge (2 tasks simultaneously- split among the team):

  • Light a fire: light a fire with friction and earn more bonus points.
  • Water filtering: make muddy water suitable for consumption. The team that produces drinkable water (measured with a TDS meter), earns bonus points, which are added to their total sum.

The team with the highest score overall is declared the winner of Team Survival.

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Key benefits
creative thinking
energy & focus
rewarding a team
team bonding
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