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Female Extraordinaire | Christina Flampouri
10-1000 participants
indoor and/or outdoor
30 minutes - 1 hour
About the event

Here's our tribute to Female Extrordinaire! Power, stamina, strength, humour, ability, complexity, diversity. What lies within, is what makes them special. Mountaineer, manager, leader and life ambassador, Christina Flampouri, is here to inspire you with a special motivational speech.

We also designed a special occasion trivia game. Along with Christina Flampouri, you will play with your teammates, enjoy, learn, have loads of fun and most importantly, come closer to the female side of adventurous life!

Event details

This activity consists of 2 modules: A motivational speech and a themed trivia game.

You can either choose 1 module or for a more wholesome experience both.

Details for module 2 - Trivia Game:

Participants follow a very simple login process:

  • The main screen of the game is shared through the teleconference platform.
  • Participants scan a QR code or type in a web page on their phone’s browser in order to login to the game.

That’s it! Once everyone’s in, the game is ready to start. Our presenter and Christina Flampouri will be there to present the questions, give insights on the answers and share fun and weird facts about Christinas experiences!

At the end of the game time, the player, or team with the most points will be the winner(s), but really it's all about elevating our inspiration level by the knowledge gained and the experience shared!

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
decision making
problem solving
team dynamics
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