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Values totem
About the event

What are the values ​​driving your team’s performance? What are the behaviors attached? Boosting your team values ​​enables teams to think creatively and to apply all those behaviors and actions relevant to those values.

All the activities involved, will demonstrate the importance of consistency and acceptance of common values ​​in any workplace.

Event details

Inspired from the totems, primitive tribes used to worship their gods, order up the totem pole, the "gods" of you company, the way those tribes did: down low the most important for their personal lives,further up most important for the family, towards the top the ones governing the tribe!

Using a selection of team activities that focus on individual & collective behaviors and actions, we are trying to imply what values mean to a corporate scheme. Going through these activities in a rotational way, teams of 8-12 persons each, get bits & parts of the different sets of behaviors attached to each company value, with their final task being to successfully complete the behaviors patchwork.

In the end each team, brings their earnings to the "tribe's leader" who in turn offers them the value plaque, the behaviors correspond to. What is really interesting- not less revealing- is what follows next: teams gather together to agree on which place, the values they got should hang from: low- middle or top....

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Key benefits
brand awareness
energy & focus
mission vision values
team bonding
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