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Celebrity game show
10-120 participants
30 minutes - 1 hour
About the event

Music, singing, fun and lots of games! Because there is no better fun than playing with your... celebrity colleagues! A hilarious competition is generated on and of stage where the teams battle out in a series of fast-paced fun games. You can even have a famous host to shake things up even more. So, bring your fierce energy and get ready to have a blast!

Event details

The guests are divided into 2 big teams and each team competes with each other by sending on stage some team delegates to undertake the challenge of playing competitive games of the famous TV game! Of course there are also games that will engage the whole team!

Our Celebrity game show activities are listed below:

  • "Say them all": celebrities play one by one and try to find a word at a time and then tell all the previous ones in the right order to create a word chain.
  • “Where ya Goin?”: tell your taxi driver where you are going without saying the destination itself.
  • “Off the Top of my Head!”: celebrities are lined up, divided into rival couples and trying to help their leaders find what is written on a card.
  • “What the Blank”: a player on the scene writes down the word/ phrase that completes the half-sentence shown onscreen. The rest of the players, write down their word- matched words win points.
  • “Say what?”: 10sec to find the word your coplayer mimics for you to find…
  • "You got letter": blindfolded players are asked to form four-letter words with 3D alphabet letters, feeling the right letter, to the right position among the 4 players.
  • “How do you Doo?": a competitive game, with two contestants stand by a buzzer, listening to lyrics of songs, trying to identify them first.
  • “Scavenger hunt": everybody hunts down the items shown onscreen. The team that first brings them all is the winning one!

And many more to liven your night out for good!

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
decision making
rewarding a team
team bonding
team dynamics
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