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Hiking @ Parnitha
About the event

Want a hike next to Athens?

The mountain least known to Athenians is mount Parnitha. Most of the trails we recommend are well marked & suitable for beginners. The sides of the mountain, that were spared from the great 2007 fire are still choked with fir trees & host hundreds of birds and red deer, a species that lives freely in Greece only in the Parnitha forest and in the area of Rhodope.

Discover nature on foot!

Event details

The routes we use usually have slight elevation differences, spreading over 3-8 km and the time varies, depending on the team's potential. Each team of 8-10 persons is accompanied by 2 expert guides, taking care of any safety issues that might arise and easing people into the Leave no Trace mentality.

If you wish we can arrange for a bus drive, meals @ the mountain's refuges and accident insurance.

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Key benefits
energy & focus
rewarding a team
team bonding
team dynamics
well being
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