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Great Escape
16-90 participants
2 - 3 hours
About the event

Great Escape is a cooperative- team- outdoor- spy game for agents with guts. All teams are called to escape a digitally mined area, locate a countdown ticking bomb and share intel to deactivate it and save the world!

Escaping the mined area, means walking/ running about and answering or completing questions/ tasks. Only by completing these missions can the agents collect the necessary intel to disarm the bomb and save the world!

Event details

<Briefing Session by the Super Secret Agent>

“You, the best agents of our company's intelligence dpt, have reached the point with absolute secrecy ready to prove you are up to the challenge. You will act in Task Forces (groups of 4-6 persons each) to avoid suspicion and use state-of-the-art equipment to trace the terrorists!”

<Mission 1: escape the digitally mined area>

You are moving inside the mined area (visible on your tablet’s screen), visiting the points shown there and completing missions that pop up, to get points so that you can deactivate the dangerous field!

Your missions come in the form of: trivia questions, company questions (optional), questions related to pictures or videos, puzzles, team activities manned by Summit facilitators (optional), group photos/videos with a specific scenario etc.

By completing the missions, you get valuable intel about where the bomb is and how to deactivate it.

<Mission 2: deactivate the bomb>

Once free of the mined field, move to the designated point and locate the bomb. Alas, you discover that all teams should be there to unlock a series of padlocks and open the bomb lid.

You got the means to help them out, once you got free, so use your resources wisely!

Once everybody is freed and padlocks worked out OK, share the intel among you to deactivate a series of rotary knobs, cables and buttons to stop the countdown timer and save the world!

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Key benefits
decision making
managing teams
project management
strategic thinking
time management
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