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Bridging bonds
20-100 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

The principle applies to both physics & love: heteronorma appeal to one another! Each side offers what the other misses. Sharing experiences & thoughts, makes everybody feel better.

What happens when we separate a team in two and place them on the opposite sides of a water stretch?

Let's find out! Bridging Bonds is here to challenge your determination to overcome obstacles and work as a team in order to get together with your other half!

Event details

Two teams of 10 minimum persons, are positioned across an imaginary or real water stretch, with scarce material at their disposal.

"Cross this stretch of water, using only these pieces of ropes & wooden dowels"- is the introduction to this activity- "whoever or whatever touches the water, forces the whole team back to the starting point".

It might seem impossible to bridge the gap, but persistence, strategic thinking, effective communication & hands on involvement are the keys to succeed.

Get a person or two across the water and come a little bit closer to discovering the secret of creating the perfect team!

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Key benefits
conflict management
cross functional cooperation
decision making
problem solving
process improvement
project management
risk management
strategic thinking
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