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Gymnikoi Agones | The Olympic ideal
10-200 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

What exactly is the Olympic ideal? A series of sports to test human physical limits or the epitome of the eternal human spirit rule over the mortal body?

This event in whole, gives the chance to everyone that participates, to be introduced to the Olympic Spirit, understand the meaning of the Games and have fun.

In doing so, everyone will participate in a number of athletic/fun activities, which will be played competitively among teams., based on the criterion of team cooperation and participation disregarding the participants’ physical strength.

Event details

The procedure:

  • Participants will be divided in teams of 8-12 persons each beforehand.
  • The teams are briefed on the spot & the facilitators hand the rules and regulations of the games.
  • The teams move in a rotating program and in every spot we have one or two teams participating (according to the activities selected and the program agreed).
  • Teams move around the activities according to a time plan- approximate duration of each activity is 15-20’ min.
  • Each team’s performance is measured in time, length, points etc according to the type of the activity.
  • Winning team is awarded with medals or olive tree branches.

Indicative activities (selection of 6 to 8 activities for 2 hours program):

  • Tug o’ war: This activity can be played only from two teams. Both teams pull the rope till it reaches a certain point: a game of strength and tactics.
  • Jump from a standing point: everybody knows long jump, but have you tried to jump as far as you can from a standing point? Let’s challenge your jumping skills!
  • Twins Ball throw: the authentic game would demand to throw a heavy iron ball, but you can try the same with one of your team mates and a Pilates ball!
  • 400m relay: Teams will have to compete in a real 400m relay.
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Key benefits
problem solving
project management
team bonding
team dynamics
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