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Siege for success
10-200 participants
2 - 3 hours
About the event

If doing business feels more like a battle. If achieving sales feels more like a medieval siege. If you and your colleagues feel like disarmed and distressed troops. Then this game is for you!

Assemble your army and prepare for battle… in the Siege for Success!

Event details

Siege for Success is a three part scenario- first part can be omitted if time is limited):

KNIGHT’S CONTEST: a series of noble but challenging tasks await for our knights! Each task win you points and pieces of information that will help you build your war machine! The knights will have to compete on these tasks with courage, strength and a lot of team effort! Points won from the Knight’s contest will be added to the team’s final score!

CATAPULT ASSEMBLY: once the Knight’s Contest is finished, the teams are ready to start the siege! Since no siege was ever successful by attacking the enemy castle with just a sword at hand, the knights will build their own war machines that will bring to the battle! Winning those pieces of information during the knight’s contest proves to be very useful!

THE FINAL BATTLE: once the catapults are built and the teams have calibrated them to an optimal state, the battle begins! Catapults start shooting their projectiles. The knights recalculate trajectories, recalibrate their machines and reload for the next shot. The battle rages on, as the battle cries of our knights echo in the distance as they achieve direct hits on their targets!

Who will win the Siege for Success?

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
problem solving
team bonding
team dynamics
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Event testimonials
Lilian Labropoulou
HR Director, Euler Hermes
Thank you for the excellent organization and the great level of service. You are continuing to surprise us positively with your creativity, commitment and consistency. I am glad and so looking forward to the organization of future activities. Thank you for your positive energy!!!
Konstantina Christopoulou
Supply Chain Distribution Manager, Pfizer
I would just like to take the opportunity to express my thanks to the excellent team that was leading our event. Both Dimitris and Dimitris were for sure on top of their game: Engaging- Friendly- Guided us through the process as needing- Delivering the message we had set for the event. I speak for all the member of the team when saying we had fun!
Asi Papadopoulou
MICE director, Mideast travel
We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for our collaboration which was successful! Your team has consistently, positive energy and cheerfulness, which was evident from our first meeting. This fun, energy and teamwork your people, immediately conveyed to the team of participants and everyone with a lot of positive energy and impatience thrown into the race! However, they did not stop there, animating them all the time and transforming the "battlefield" into a fun activity! Those of us who were out and about watching, we were so jealous! The quality of service you provide is high, your love for what you do is obvious and we can only thank you and congratulate you! We look forward to many more collaborations!
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