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Santa's Workshop
20-200 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

Get into the holiday spirit and bring your team together with our Christmas handicrafting workshop! This exciting and engaging activity challenges teams to create seasonal handicrafts using a variety of materials and tools. With a focus on teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills, this activity is the perfect way to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships within your team.

Book our Christmas handicrafting workshop team building activity today and give your team an unforgettable experience that will boost morale, foster creativity and strengthen bonds!

Event details

During this workshop, teams will be challenged to create seasonal handicrafts using a variety of materials and tools, that the participants will keep and can use as giveaways for family and friends.

Our expert facilitators will guide your team through the crafting process, providing instructions, guidance on the materials and techniques available, and of course inspiration. Teams will then be given the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and bring their unique vision to life.

The focus is not just on the final product, but also on the process of working together and learning from each other. At the end of the crafting session, teams can present their creations to the rest of the group and share their experiences and insights.

Overall, a Santa's workshop is a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday season and strengthen team relationships. This activity is sure to bring out the best in your team and create memories that will last long after the holidays are over.

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Key benefits
brand awareness
creative thinking
energy & focus
rewarding a team
team bonding
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