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Virtually piece of cake
10-300 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

Crunchy, smooth, creamy, chocolate covered or glazed, hot or cold, sweets are the turning point of human civilization: when happy or sad or just in the mood, sweets are a real treat!

Virtual Piece of Cake is a remotely played team game where piece by piece each player builds up the recipe for preparing a unique pastry creation, following the lead of a famous pastry chef, mr Stefanos Diamantopoulos.

At the end of this exciting challenge, each player’s sweet creation picture will be posted in a cloud and will be judged by everyone in the team and by the chef himself!

Event details
  • Before setting down to create miracles (!) we send players a teaser with a link to download our game app which will guide each one into the game’s next steps. On the game app a set of 8-10 questions, all relevant to pastry skills & mixing ingredients, when answered correctly will provide with raw materials that are needed for the challenge. Next step will be to go the supermarket & buy all necessary stuff. Each product’s barcode, when scanned with the game app will reveal the participants piece by piece the recipe of the pastry they need to prepare.
  • The very last barcode will ask everyone to watch a video with the accredited pastry chef Stefanos Diamantopoulos, working with the same raw materials and setting up the pastry, all participants will have to replicate in form & decoration on their own, in their own kitchens.
  • Once the time starts, preparation & decoration time will be pressing, as every aspiring chef knows! Each person with all necessary raw materials & pastry utensils, need by the end of time to transform the raw materials into a dessert suggestion based on the recipe available and the video guidance from our pastry chef. The ingredients to use are simple & no baking will be needed. We are aiming for something simple enough to work with but taking care of the presentation more than anything else, as no one but the creators themselves will taste their creations!
  • At the end of the allocated time, players will have to take a nice picture of their pastry miracle and post it on the app’s cloud. The process will be solemnly closed with the whole team as a judging committee deliberating on everybody posted pictures, through our app’s voting system. Our chef will vote too and along with his vote, one player will be announced as the winner!

In this competition though, no tears are to be shed: winners & losers altogether will celebrate or cry over huge amounts of sugary miracles!

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Key benefits
creative thinking
managing resources
rewarding a team
tasting experience
team bonding
time management
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