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Team Diagnostic by Team Coaching International (TCI)

Most current organizational and coaching approaches assess and coach the team as a collection of individuals. With this approach, assessments measure the characteristics, preferences and performance of individual team members. The results are then compiled into a profile in which individuals can compare themselves to one another.

This is valuable information for team members, but it is only half the picture. The missing half: a picture of the team as a whole.


A team is a living, dynamic entity with its own personality, spoken and unspoken rules, vision, blind spots, even moods. With the Team Diagnostic™ team assessment the team’s needs are explored independent of the needs of any single member. This shifts the attention and the work of the team to the team itself.

The Team Diagnostic™ is a unique approach to working with teams because it regards the team as a dynamic “system”. A team is more than the sum of its parts.

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Research shows that the most successful teams have the means to take action and build effective relationships to motivate and sustain that action. The Team Diagnostic™ team assessment tool is built on these two fundamental axes:

1. Factors that optimize productivity

2. Factors that promote positivity

The Team Diagnostic™ model defines seven separate productivity factors and seven positivity factors. This constellation of competencies and increasingly detailed layers of the report provide a complete picture for creating high-performing teams. The Team Diagnostic™ model looks at two dimensions:


  • Team Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Alignment (mission & purpose)
  • Goals & Strategies
  • Decision Making
  • Resources
  • Proactive (creative initiative)


  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Values Diversity
  • Camaraderie
  • Constructive Interaction
  • Optimism

Teams that excel at both dimensions are high performing and sustainable. They are creative, adaptable and resilient. Our team assessment tools pave the way.

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All sorts of working teams and their managers that want to identify their developmental level and deduct crisp clear data for their future developmental plans.

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