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Positivity & resilience

Have trouble getting by when the going gets tough? Resilience is the ability to manage stress, to cope positively and keep going through tough times. It is also about bouncing back from adversity and achieve despite challenging conditions; A set of skills, much needed in life and at work in the 21st century where uncertainty and constant change has defined our lives.

If you want to thrive and learn how to have a stress free, focused and alert mindset that will give you the capacity to deal with pressure by practicing positive coping strategies, join us!


During this workshop you will learn:

  • The basics of resilience
  • Optimistic explanatory style – the form of optimism you can learn
  • Emotional well-being.
  • Build psychological capital
  • Discover your inner resources that you can draw on to keep going
  • Apply your strengths for a new sense of direction
  • Adopt a ‘growth mindset’ for success.
  • Build positive connections
  • Experience body-mind techniques that can help you maintain resilience
  • Develop an action plan
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The workshop combines classroom education through GrowPlay® learning techniques and experiential learning through play. All topics are discussed in combination with activities and this way participants have the opportunity to “see” themselves in action and accumulate faster new knowledge and insights. With the assistance of our experienced Facilitators they will be able to connect the new learnings into their daily reality.

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For those professionals at all levels who wish to become more resilient and handle themselves better in challenging times.

Workshop details

This workshop can be conducted either physically or virtually.

  • Physically: a full 1x8 hours workshop for groups of 8-20 persons. An ideal implementation location would be a spacious indoor venue (with outdoor spaces- optional but strongly recommended).
  • Virtually: a full 1x6 hours workshop for groups of 8-20 persons. Implementation through communication platform of your preference (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.)
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Get a quote for this workshop!
+30 210 92 11 020
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