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Crafted with love
10-300 participants
indoor and/or outdoor
1 - 2 hours
About the event

Donating used household stuff or buying new ones for the same reason, is one way of peeling your heart towards the ones in need of love & the basics for living. Wanna dive into the feeling? Then add your creativity to your love & compassion and the rigor will be overwhelming!

In Summit we always look for creative ways to stand by people in need and "Crafted with Love" is a series of- in the office- workshops, where you & your team is challenged to create seasonal handicrafts, auction them and donate the money to organizations or people in need.

Event details

Create decorative items for your house or for giveaways for friends or family, Easter candles or summer t-shirts & flip flops, are some of the ideas we support with full raw materials, tools and Summit experts to help you with. All you need to provide is 30 to 60 min of your working time, a comfortable meeting room or other suitable space to set the workshop in and every ounce of your passion and creativity.

You will be amazed at the quality level of each and every handicraft you and your colleagues are making and the buzzing atmosphere of the auction to "sell" these artifacts to everybody else- yourself not excluded.

Any corporate celebration, apart from the usual Christmas & Easter holidays, are perfect times for team bonding & caregiving at the same time, so don't waste a minute!

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Key benefits
brand awareness
creative thinking
energy & focus
rewarding a team
team bonding
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