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Battle of Wits | Summer Edition
10-1000 participants
indoor and/or outdoor
30 minutes - 1 hour
About the event

Experience the ultimate summer-themed TV quiz show with your colleagues!

Introducing a fully customizable summer trivia quiz game that blends cutting-edge technology with the simplicity of tapping a button on your smartphone.

Enjoy an easy-to-use interface with a swift login process that takes less than a minute, vibrant summer-themed graphics, and an energetic presenter to keep you engaged and excited!

Perfect for launching new products, conducting staff training sessions, or just having fun and challenging your employees in a sunny and engaging way, this game is your go-to solution for a memorable summer event!

Event details

The Battle of Wits is exactly what the name declares! A battle between players (either solo or in teams) of who’s the most knowledgeable, but also faster in responding to some challenging questions.

Participants follow a very simple login process:

  • The main screen of the game is shared through the teleconference platform.
  • Participants scan a QR code or type in a web page on their phone’s browser in order to login to the game.

That’s it! Once everyone’s in, the game is ready to start.

Our presenter is there to, present (duh!) every question, give insights and statistics and comment on performances and unexpected answers!

At the end of the game time, the player, or team, (or both if you fill like it) with the most points won will be the winner(s).

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
decision making
problem solving
team dynamics
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