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Just Do It the Xmas way
10-200 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

Paper Xmas trees and unbreakable tree balls? What’s that all about? Well, it’s all about creativity and true Christmas spirit competition! The tasks may seem hard to beat, but surely you can prove than it is not impossible to get done!

Wanna drive your employees crazy and dive them into extra festive mood? Then Just Do It the Xmas way!

Event details

Just Do It the Xmas Way is an activity that promotes cooperation, good communication and creative Christmas spirit. Our goal is to prove to ourselves that we can do marvels if we focus our team effort on it. We will do so by completing the following tasks:

  • PAPER XMAS TREE: We give you simple materials to make the highest and most stable Xmas tree possible. Winning team is the one whose tree stands tallest and for a whole minute. Which team will manage to do it? Which tree will stand at its fullest height & greatness without collapsing?
  • FRAGILE BALLS: We then give you more materials to help you build your own new innovative product. That is a protective case for your fragile tree balls. When all teams have completed the part of constructing the case, all the products (protective cases with the balls inside) are gathered at a display spot. Each team has a chance to promote their xmas product before the jury committee checks and scores each product. The score is defined by the aesthetics of the product, the innovation levels and of course if the ball stays unbreakable after the fall from a certain height.

Just Do It the Xmas Way is designed to promote the sense of sharing passion & fun, exactly because it is this time of the year!

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
creative thinking
managing resources
problem solving
project management
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