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To the moon and back
10-250 participants
indoor and/or outdoor
1 - 2 hours
About the event

The moon – an astronomical body that orbits planet Earth and years ago was considered a God – has become today the ultimate travel destination. The time has come for you to launch your space rocket, travel through the depths of space and land your astronaut back on earth with safety!

Do you accept the challenge?

Event details

Dive into space ocean, discover the magic of the space trips! This event climaxes into an exciting lift off, going through 3-4 phases:

INTRO SPEECH: an introduction speech will present you the big picture of the Space Race of the 60s, combining facts, values team effort and to the moon. This intro will be enhanced by short but powerful videos about historical facts and a presentation, that will help your team to incorporate that knowledge into their own project.

ASTRONAUTS BOOTCAMP (optional): setting your foot on the moon, required years of tough physical & mental preparation. Take a glimpse at that arduous training, getting you teams through our team tests, specially designed to get the fun out of you!

ROCKET SCIENCE: the teams (6-8 people), start their “impossible” project of building a rocket, manning it with an astronaut and calculating its safe return to Earth. Each team splits in 3 departments (Engineering, Life Support, Navigation) that will operate independently but will have to cooperate and communicate horizontally at all times. At the end of the 60’ deadline, all teams assemble their rockets, and get ready for liftoff!

T MINUS 30 SECONDS: we're moving outside for the final countdown. The Control Center will get your rocket to the launch pad and prepare its high-tech engines for ignition. If everything’s worked well for your team, we look forward to seeing an impressive lift off and reentry of your astronaut that will become part of the space exploration history!

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Key benefits
competitive spirit
creative thinking
cross functional cooperation
decision making
managing resources
problem solving
project management
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Event testimonials
Anastasia Toulaki
HR manager, Egnatia Aviation
There are no words to thank for your participation in the 3rd EGNATIA AVIATION company meeting. You were all amazing! Open, positive, friendly & supportive! Events like this do not just happen, they require preparation, passion and professionalism and your team was a big part of it! Our company could not be more satisfied with your services and we look forward to continuing our cooperation.
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