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So you think you know - Virtual Trivia board game
20-100 participants
1 - 2 hours
About the event

This virtual Trivia board game is a unique way to cope in teams with a trivia knowledge challenge, where the most knowing & fast paced team wins the game!

Talk with your teammates, ask everybody what they think the right answer would be, move fast & have fun. Brace yourselves, summon all yours & your teams' brain-powers and give this virtual game a go!

Event details

The game is played with up to 8 teams (4-6 players/ team), trying to answer right as many trivia questions possible in two 15-20min rounds.

Each team is allocated to breakout rooms within the communications platform used i.e Zoom, Airmeet, Webex etc. Each team's leader, the one who joins the game's webpage and handles the game cards & pawns, shares her screen with the rest of her teammates. Our game platform is web-based and supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Each team leader joins the game via a link, no sign up needed. All you need is a computer, headphones, a stable Internet connection, and a good mood.

The board game includes 3 decks of cards (over 80 cards in total) with questions and multiple-choice answers. The answers given determine the points you earn, which translate in how many moves you make on the virtual board:

  • Trivia question cards include a variety of topics from all around the world, like culture, arts & literature, logic and puzzle-solving, sciences and many more. The answer given determines the points you earn, which translate in how many moves you make on the virtual board.
  • Logic riddle cards challenge all members solving skills and
  • Luck cards, involving the rolling of a dice

Overall, it's a rigorous activity that invites all the participants to explore the depth of their knowledge, determination and goal achieving skills. At the same time it pushes them to operate effectively as a team to obtain the highest score.

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Key benefits
brand awareness
competitive spirit
decision making
mission vision values
team dynamics
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