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No trust, no gain

Trust is the basis of all productive relationships. In the business reality, it has been proven to decrease turnover, increase innovation, and improve team performance. This workshop will introduce you to those strategies that will help you boost trust in your most important relationships. GrowPlay® with us to get to know:

  • The criteria people use to evaluate trustworthiness
  • Identify the five predictors of trust
  • The ways to share accomplishments that builds perception of competence
  • The way to rebuild trust lost
  • To drive performance through appreciation

During the course we will play with:

  • Understanding trust
  • Boosting trust fast
  • Building trust day in day out
  • Building trust in teams
  • How to regain trust lost
  • Learning to trust others
  • Appreciation & Performance
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The workshop combines classroom education through GrowPlay® learning techniques and experiential learning through play. All topics are discussed in combination with activities and this way participants have the opportunity to “see” themselves in action and accumulate faster new knowledge and insights. With the assistance of our experienced Facilitators they will be able to connect the new learnings into their daily reality.

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For those Managers, Supervisors, Leaders and people who wish to make a difference in their work environment and take their leadership or personal leadership skills to the next level.

Workshop details

This is a full 2 x 8 hours workshop for groups of 8-20 persons. An ideal implementation location would be a spacious indoor venue (with outdoor spaces- optional).

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Get a quote for this workshop!
+30 210 92 11 020
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