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Team Canvas

Need to figure out what motivates your team members, help them be more aligned and productive? What about their personal goals & bonds to one another?

The answer would be the power of the Team Canvas tool in playful context - a unique recipe for a successful team workshop, with happy and motivated participants! The “Team Canvas using Play & Evolve activities” is the ideal tool you can use to get your team aligned about goals, values and purpose and help team members find & understand their working role in the team.


Participants discuss and decide on issues that apt to the team and their role in the team. Indicatively, some of the issues under discussion are People & Roles, Personal & Common Goals, Values, Needs & Expectations etc. Challenging questions are asked which include some of the following:

  • What are our personal goals for this team?
  • Are there personal agendas we want to share?
  • Why are we doing what we are doing in the first place?
  • What are our own guiding principles?
  • What are the common values we need at the core of our team?
  • What are the skills in our team that will help us achieve our goals?
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In this highly interactive workshop, we use Play & Evolve activities, thus giving the opportunity to all participants to equally express their thoughts and feelings concerning the issues under discussion.

Based on research which shows that this kind of hands-on minds-on learning, produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the issues at hand and its possibilities, each participant plays along our focused team activities, letting behaviors & actions flow. Then following our facilitator’s insightful debriefing questions, each participant reveals one’s personal thoughts & emotions on the questions set, enabling faster conclusions and common agreements.

This way everyone gets the opportunity to express thoughts openly, communicate even more effectively, easier challenge their imagination and approach their work with increased confidence, commitment and insight.

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An ideal workshop for new or old teams that need to clarify goals and address overall team performance (e.g. when you feel stuck as a team, or when you need to get a lot of stuff done). Highly recommended too, for teams that grow fast, new team members on boarding, or general alignment session needed.

Workshop details

A full 8 hours workshop (3 X 2,5 hours) for teams of 5-16 persons. The use of a comms platform (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex etc) & personal pc or laptop and participant’s commitment is that is needed!

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