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Athens clue race
6-120 participants
2 - 3 hours
About the event

If you are a speed junkie as well as history and culture junkie this clue race is for you.

Frantic, chaotic, stacked with historical bits and pieces, classical monuments, loud merchants selling their goodies and restaurant keepers luring you into trying their delicacies. This is the amalgamation called Athens and what’s best way to discover it than adopting its pace and having a RACE.

Event details

Login in the game through your smartphone or tablet and let the race begin. You will be presented with a map in which you have to go to the pins to unlock them. Each pin corresponds to a location related task – a puzzle, a question or a team activity coordinated by Summit facilitators. By finding the correct spots or completing the tasks, teams get bonus points.

You will have the chance to:

  • Admire the Parliament and the famous Evzones also called Tsoliades
  • Breath in some oxygen at the National Park (you’re going to need it because the race doesn’t stop here)
  • Discover secrets about the striking Acropolis and its new museum
  • Stroll (or race) around the traditional alleys of Plaka old city
  • Enjoy the buzz of the Monastiraki & Thesion flee market and of the Ermou, Athens main shopping street
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