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Work from Home: Everything you need to know

A concise live workshop for all level employees on Work From Home (WFH) mentality & skills with three major outcomes:

  • help employees understand & cope with the challenges of their new everyday business from home
  • create a common understanding about working from home and assist team members to identify their strengths & their role within the new reality
  • increase confidence to the new ways of working and gain control over outcomes to bring positive returns

During this workshop we will play with the following:

  • Tips for remote working (DOs & DON'Ts)
  • VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) during COVID-19
  • Pros and Cons of remote working
  • Psychological aspects and how to handle them
  • How to plan a work from home process that minimizes disruptions to organizational goals
  • What remote work tools your employees need to do their job well
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The workshop is delivered from our expert trainer, in the form of live presentation with a PPT file projected onto the screen, aided by relevant key visuals.

A set of questions in the form of a poll, are added in relevant time slots, to help participants better understand the content and help sponsors identify the retention rate & number of participants attending.

While the presentation is running participants will be able to send questions or remarks to the chat panel, grouped, prioritized by our co-host and answered live by the trainer.

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Employees & managers of any level or experience who need to come in touch with Work from Home best practices, tips to better handle today's challenges.

Workshop details
  • Date: arranged according to your needs
  • Capacity: 8-15 persons
  • Duration: 1 X 120 min virtual workshop with 10 min break
  • Method: live virtual workshop
  • Delivery language: Greek
  • Delivery platform: ZOOM
  • Training notes: presentation handouts in PDF form
  • NOTE: this workshop can be delivered in webinar form of 1x 90 min session for unlimited participants- pls ask for a quote
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